October 14, 2011

Woot Woot a NEW Blog Award #1


I just received this BeautiLicious Award from Kara, Thank you so much!

This award is for the Beautiful Women (and Men)

who grace us with their talents

in the Tagger Community.

The intent of this award is to pass it on

to the Designer, Tagger, or Artist

who has inspired you with their endless talent

and who has touched your heart.

There are many out there.

Let's see how far we can pass this on.


I choose to pass this on to the following...


Soxie – Soxsational Scraps
Belinda – Scraps by Roo
Kristin – Toxic Desirez
Rieka – Rieka Rafita
Sam – Sam’s Scraps

Once you have received this award, Please pass it on to five blogs
to show some love  for those who truly are BEAUTIFUL.

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