March 11, 2011

Today I Have QUIT Smoking!!

nosmokingMarch 11th, 2011 i have QUIT smoking FOR GOOD!! For those that don’t know here is a little background on my smoking LOL. On November 6th 2008 I quit smoking for the first time and stayed a non smoker for almost 2 years (2weeks until the 2 year mark) BUT…. On the 17th October 2010 Michael’s mum Jan passed away suddenly with Leukaemia and that alone set feelings off i didn’t even so to deal with those we started to smoke again. So now 5 months after the fact we decided that we MUST quit it is affecting our health and our kids don’t need to be around it and so on. So here we are DAY 1…. So far so good, no cravings, wants or need.



Rosie said...

God bless you. I'm proud of you. I quit 21 years ago.


Mariscrap said...

good decision...I wish you good luck...I was also a smoker since 15 years and stop 3 years ago for my fisrt pregnancy...sometime in life you have a good thing to do...congrats!!!!!

Karen said...

Congradultations...My husband quit 3 years ago with the Chantix medication...I quit December 23 cold turkey. I have bought alot of suckers...Tootsie Pops, they are wonderful to keep that need to smoke off. They have flavors now out for easter, but I had also gotten those that were out for valentines day and Christmas. Also Peeling organges are good.

Thank you for all your freebies


Charmed by Gorjuss said...

I wish you good luck! God bless you!

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