March 27, 2011

My Lil Girl’s Birthday Weekend

zoe2WOW i cannot believe my daughter Zoe is now 9, it feels like only yesterday i gave birth to her at 7lb 15oz and only 2 hours of labour from start to finish and boy has time flown by. I must say she has grown into such a beautiful little girl, i know i know i am her mother but put that aside i couldn’t ask for a better daughter. Her birthday was today (27th March) but she had her birthday party on Saturday, she had so much fun with all her family and friends coming over and playing games, eating all homemade food and just thoroughly enjoying her day. She even said to me “Your the best mum EVER” LOL now if that doesn’t make you melt i don’t know what will. My lil girl is growing up sooooooo FAST!! LOL

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